Oliver Winery Website Design

Oliver Winery

Indiana-based Oliver Winery is a top-rated, award-winning brand known for exceptional fruit-forward wines and onsite hospitality. Their diverse portfolio, and brand credo of making wine accessible to everyone, inspires a people-first approach. FINE created a new digital destination for Oliver that tells the story of how their wine and hospitality combine to make life a little sweeter

Flavor-forward Wines Without Pretense

Oliver Winery offers an authentic experience, with scenic grounds and first-class service, to bring people together around flavor-forward wines and wine cocktails. The website immerses guests and customers, mimicking the experience of visiting the winery, and featuring the expressive wines and wine cocktails front-and-center.

Where Dreams Take Flight, Hot Air Balloons Too

Custom, whimsical illustrations are woven throughout the site creating a fresh and modern balance with the well-established nature of the brand. Using Oliver’s logo as a starting place, the website’s color palette is light and fresh, in turn complementing the varied styles of their expansive wine library.

Delightful Portfolio of Wine and Wine Cocktails

Thoughtful information architecture helped overhaul the way products are presented. Collections are simplified, and wine styles are presented intuitively. Wine Cocktails have their own personality, while maintaining the intuitive UX as other products. On the homepage and wine landing page, a wine carousel gives the user control over browsing. A promotional gallery in the footer exudes brand personality—wine for anyone, bottled without the attitude. All site elements are mobile optimized and contribute to strategic SEO growth, including 40%+ more organic traffic and integrate seamlessly to Commerce7 for direct, easy purchase.

Recipes and Cocktails Take Wines to New Heights

A flexible recipe engine and blog engage Oliver enthusiasts with creative ways to craft wine cocktails. The blog was designed to feature their bright colorful photography and recipes, bringing to life unending possibilities and ways to enjoy Oliver.

Great wine is about more than just the craft — it’s the experience and the people you share it with, too.