Norton Mobile

Symantec's consumer brand, Norton, is among the world's top 3 consumer software brands. Over their long history, they've paved the information superhighway by driving the security software category. But that long track record means they're closely associated with desktop in an age where mobile is increasingly the mode. This series of projects helped transform their product, and their brand, for a new mobile future.

Mapping The Mobile Future

The first steps were behind the scenes. Careful strategy and roadmapping assessed the competitive strengths and weaknesses, existing products, content, and brand strengths of today while establishing objectives for the new products, content strategy, customers, and brand perceptions of tomorrow.

Brand Perception vs. Product Reality

While consumer perception may not have reflected it, the reality was that Norton's Mobile Security product already had strong tools to help today's mobile users. So an evolution in product content, visual approach, website, and user interface were a key short-term solution to make sure perception and reality aligned, and to allow time for new innovation to further transform the brand.

Mobile Content is King

The company's content marketing web and mobile site created a platform for refreshed design, content, SEO, viral imagery, and new tools/widgetry that helped establish Norton as an authority on mobile. The result was a #1 rank on highly competitive core search terms like "mobile security", and a measurable difference in consumer brand attitude.

New Products for a New Consumer

With perception shifting short term, the roadmap pushed out further with explorations of new products and applications to engage mobile users, and focus on the security concerns most associated with today's smaller devices. Plus, put simply, to create software for users who often expect to be entertained while they're being protected.

Full Internal Alignment

With a roadmap, strategy, and new innovations to demonstrate, a key final step was to shape an internal story. From the Board-level, using presentations and videos aimed at high-level strategy, down through employee insight, rallying cries, and, yes, even wearables, a focused effort was made to mobilize an enterprise around their most important channel of the future.