Moto Mio Pizzeria

Fueling fumes of fresh mozz and Detroit-style crust, Moto Mio has hit the ground revving. Helping propel the octane-inspired brand in San Francisco's fast-paced culinary scene, we've partnered up to provide a design-injection through a pulse-raising identity and website that spreads the love of two-wheels through every slice served.

A Blended Name

Paying homage to both pizza’s Italian heritage and the original kitchen of the square slice, Motor City – Moto Mio is a name that races off the tongue, purring like a 4-cylinder Henderson, best pronouced at full throttle.

Identity with Attitude

Petrol-powered or pepperoni-powered? A fat tyre font, half-tone illustrations and an energetic color palette are the key ingredients to this modern day race-inspired identity. Designed to stand out at high speed, on small screens it’s got a cheeky attitude and is a little rough around the edges, just like the slices it represents.

Packaging That Stands Out

As a delivery brand, the packaging is where Moto Mio really goes full throttle to give the customer the full Moto Mio experience. Bright, bold and full of pep, it's produced with quality, sustainable ingredients like recyclable materials and soy inks. A range of custom illustrated stickers allow for customization for every order, adding a different visual flavor to every delivery.

A Dash of Digital

Never one to keep customers waiting, the Moto Mio website is a no bones portal to every pizza lovers' dream — sweet, sweet, melty cheeses. Through animated graphics, vibrant colors, and an emphasis on the goods, orders can be placed at accelerated RPMs.