Montevina Winery

Montevina Winery always did things a little bit differently. Their winemaker, for instance, liked to dye his hair appropriate to season and varietal. But their fun-loving nature never compromised their love of wine.

Iconoclastic Yet Personal

This iconoclastic, yet very personal, brand is expressed online and in print using a very unique analog device – a series of mixed media water color illustrations, where even careful application of wine stains became part of their authentic personality. The illustrations came to life in a flash experience where users followed a spaceship through various settings to explore the winery and its people. Text was handwritten in a signature font.

Sing to grapes. They’ll appreciate it even if you’re not so good.

The winery website’s copy further enhanced the experience. Peppered throughout with quips, a home page exclamation mark allowed users to read them all and get a taste for how seriously Montevina took its wine, if not itself. A few sample quips:

Don’t believe in miracles? Drink this while remembering that it grew from nothing but dirt and water.
The perfect complement to an empty wine glass.
Sing to grapes. They’ll appreciate it even if you’re not so good.
Mean people are not allowed to touch our barrels.
The official wine of drinking wine.
We live wine. To clarify, living it includes drinking it.

Montevina Winery remains a milestone site in FINE’s history of award-winning wine web design and development, and one that saw many imitators in the years to follow.