Stark and beautiful modern lobby with large windows, high ceilings, and pops of colorful artwork


Located in the heart of Portland’s thriving Slabtown neighborhood, Make combines workspaces with fitness-forward amenities to meet the lifestyle and careers of Silicon Forest's evergrowing creative and tech workforce. FINE worked hand-in-hand with Cruzan to creatively shape the introductory experience for this energetic new property.

Hey Life's Work, Meet Your Work Life

The Make logo is a reflection of the community energy that brings life to the space. Energetic, sharp, and confident, Make’s identity embodies those who seek a more engaged, active workstyle.

Make logo
Make business cards
Person holding flowers, communal space in Make, person riding bike, gym space in Make
Make Stationery System

Mapping the Path Ahead

Inform, engage, and delight—Make’s meticulously designed spaces, where people are productive and inspired for both work and life, come through in the brochure’s details. The print version is a long-form piece, unfolding to create dimensionality while echoing the space itself.

Make brochure cover
Make brochure interior spread
Make Yoga Studio
Person lifting large tire
Make brochure

A Tangible Thank You

Thoughtfully-themed broker gifts cultivate a sense of appreciation for every workspace filled. Offerings mirror the amenities of Make, from Bluetooth headphones and bicycle starter kits to Patagonia jackets and local whiskey tasting flights.

Make bike helmet
Make Patagonia box
Make ear buds
Make gym bag

Work the Life You Love

The spirit of Make is translated into a web experience that lives as a digital calling card for those who are at their best when they care for their mind, body, and spirit. At its heart, not unlike the physical space itself, Make’s website carries an energy that beckons potential tenants to learn more.

Make website mobile view