Cosmetic Care Gets a Re-Brand that's More than Skin Deep

Mentor Corporation’s Love Your Look division focuses on the category of breast, body and face enhancements and care. This category is one where people turn to digital channels to find information and get comfortable with the topic and their choices. With this redesigned digital brand destination, FINE set out to educate consumers about the possibilities, risks, and processes available to them. First priority, to get consumers comfortable with the idea.

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The New You

Before and after galleries provide the benefit, education and product information provide the features. Imagery was supported by an exhaustive model and photography undertaking. And a “New You Visualizer” interactive tool helps show exactly what results people might expect from the process.

The Power Of Information

The second step is to put consumers in touch with physicians who can help them move forward. A Physician finder and gallery (linked to the before/after gallery) helps people take the next step and get as comfortable with the provider as they are with the process. It even helps geo-target for physician location and search engine optimization purposes.The final consideration is to collect information about consumers that help physicians better tailor their offerings. “My Look Book” collects info, preferences and more, and then makes that available to physicians as customers enter the sales process.

The result is a new, user-directed sales experience for Love Your Look, and a new softer sell for health services online.

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