Palladian Hotel

The Palladian Hotel

From name through experience, to on-property food and drink brands, Palladian emerges from FINE's ongoing Kimpton branding efforts as a plush hive for the artists, activists, and entrepreneurs transforming Seattle's scene. It promises immersion in the food, music, design, and people that drive the local pulse.

Beyond a Brand Script

A focused discovery captured the spirit of the place and its people. Vivid guest personas — think a millionaire in jeans with a backpack seeking unscripted, sensory experiences — blends into the nature and vision for the historic property. It's all distilled in a brand book that guides the look, feel, and experience.

An Identity Both New and Old

A naming and brand identity phase defined Palladian's core elements. Beyond logo and color palette, the identity borrows from the property's historical roots and classical influences, with visual patterns and flourishes that push into a contemporary aesthetic — clues to the on-property experience, and marked distinctions from regional competitors.

Touchpoints and Textures

Branding plays out in print, on-property touchpoints, and business forms suited to the elegant forms of the identity and the interior design — hallmarks of the distinctive Palladian look and feel.

The On-Site Experience

With name, identity, look and feel, and the property's signature experiential elements and amenities fully defined, they all come together on a hotel website, and responsive mobile version, that shows and tells Palladian's story.

The Setting for Localized Brands

Palladian’s branding creates the context for a bar and restaurant brands that feel established as distinct destinations in their own right. Pennyroyal and Shaker & Spear capture different aspects of the Seattle experience that help visitors feel woven into the fabric of the city.

A Neighborhood Social Salon

Inspired by old-world European-style bars, Pennyroyal is Palladian’s gathering spot. The logo and collateral are designed to mesh with the space’s dark woods and vintage vibe, while playing on antique impressions and the name through copper and brass finishes, and a crown.

All the Gritty Details

The Pennyroyal logo plays on the name. Its two descriptive elements work as a subtle juxtaposition of the two opposing sides of monetary value. The impression is antiquated but timeless, merging the space’s dark woods and vintage vibe with menus, napkins, and barware that further reflect a bygone era coming back around.

A Modern Take on Classic Taste

Though the brand is inspired by past, its digital presence is decidedly current. A microsite incorporates the brand's purposeful sophistication, offering a browsing experience familiar to loyal Kimpton guests. Led by photography of the beautiful space and styled drinks, it provides an immediate sense of place — somewhere to step back in time without missing modern perks.

The Sea is Calling

With Shaker + Spear, the sensory experience of the seashore comes to downtown Seattle, projecting the grace of the city's location and drawing from some of the Pacific Northwest's most identifiable qualities to bring its story to life.

A Fresh Brand Start

Seashells, waves, and the salty air of local coasts inspired brand creation, from logo to collateral, with a soft, airy color palette. It’s both cozy and classy — the romance of the seashore, available all year 'round. Brand elements from print to digital are simple and sophisticated — a menu-first oasis in a city born from the sea.