Brand Book

Kimpton is America's largest boutique hospitality brand. Since inception, it's helped create an industry, remaining atop hotel guest customer satisfaction ratings and Fortune “Best Companies” lists alike. After 30 years as the industry's de facto archetype, spawning myriad copycats, the brand's growth inspired a comprehensive re-centering around core principals and design elements. The result is renewed brand standard unity, offered in a new and distinctly Kimpton way.

"Listen First" Branding

At the core of the branding process is the art of listening. That goes double for Kimpton, whose brand revolves around personal experience, and depends upon consistent communication from a spectrum of staff and hotel locations nationwide. For Kimpton, it was always a matter of capturing and simplifying the best of what was already there. So this input drove a re-engineering and redesign of the brand platform, and even a universal "battle cry" for all staff to rally behind.

The Kimpton Brand Concierge

For Kimpton - with its far flung staff and dedication to doing things different, better, and personal - no ordinary spiral-bound brand book would do. Instead, a digital destination called the "Brand Concierge" houses key brand characteristics, and visual and voice elements for easy reference by corporate management, hotel staff, or vendors charged with expressing the vaunted Kimpton spirit in ways both big and small.

A Brand at Your Service

The Kimpton Brand Concierge serves as an invaluable resource, from outlining the brand's "special sauce", detailing photography style, downloading guidelines, or ordering marketing materials. Best of all, it's readily viewable on mobile and tablet devices, making it useful everywhere from a designer's desktop to the mobile phone of a real-life concierge.