Allegro Logo

Hotel Allegro

Stepping through the doors of Kimpton's Hotel Allegro transports you to America's Golden Era, the glamorous days of elegant hobnobbing and comfortable luxury. In the heart of today's Chicago and its downtown Theatre District, it's a boutique hotel that boasts lavish brand theatrics of its own.

History Revisited

Kimpton Hotel Allegro is a Chicago institution. Inspired by the grand hotel's ambitious renovation and the strong, clean lines of the resulting new interiors, Allegro's new identity personifies its location and city surroundings. Both adaptive and complimentary, it reflects its place in the past and the present.

The Drama's in the Details

Thoughtfully applying a black and white, swanky art deco feel, a touch of drama suits Allegro's prime Theatre District location. Ornate touches of unique pearlized paper and luxe embossing elevate the brand's historical feel with a conscientious flourish and a wink to its lively influence.

Show-stopping Digital Experience

Allegro's brand feel faithfully carries into a digital experience that previews what awaits guests during their stay. Across desktop, tablet, and mobile, the web design maintains the Allegro's aura of graceful confidence, connecting and informing guests while building anticipation for their big entrance.