Heavy Water

Heavy Water’s global team of technology consultants help organizations thrive with a streamlined approach toward development, delivery, and business solutions and operations. It’s a digital-minded company, now with a website that reflects its omnidirectional vision, while clearly outlining its partnership approach and breadth of services.

It's a website that demonstrates what the brand does for clients—get people to where they need to be faster.

A unique layout plays on Heavy Water’s dynamism in every angle of business; high-level infographics activate a sense of direction for a clear education through attention-grabbing details. The focus: simplicity. The nature: approachable. The look: educational.

A Digital Experience to Match Tech Prowess

Heavy Water sought an elevated design with a clearer depiction of their expertise and services. The design acts as a docent through the company’s process, where complex strategies and solutions are made easily digestible and approachable—an interpretation of how their services can be applied.

Clearer depiction of expertise and services / Shepherding Content from High-level to Granular

Pair custom infographics with FINE-written copy, and messaging is distilled to be understood even by those new to Heavy Water’s world. The most complex solution sets are made clear and balanced by a focused approach lit with layman's terms. The angular design also mimics the strategy and guides the user. While a deep brand story is revealed, it comes with information paced in an environment where users control the tempo.