Headlands Logo & Brand Identity


The Oregon Coast is a place like no other. To capture its distinct spirit for today’s travelers required crafting a new brand of experiential luxury, where active discovery and outdoor exploration meet warm, refined service and an elegant flair. From its clifftop perch, Headlands Coast Lodge & Spa stakes a new claim to the region's sense of place. From brand strategy and signature experience, through naming, designing identity, collateral, amenities, and campaigns, the FINE-Headlands collaboration helped define the next level of Pacific Northwest charm.

Headlands Strategy
Headlands Color Palette
Headlands Guidelines and Strategy Book Spreads
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Headlands Spa Sketch
Headlands Toiletries Design
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Headlands Room Cards and Door Hangers
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Come Here to Get Out or Stay In

Where lobbies are your living rooms. Where restaurants are your tasting rooms. Where guests feel like natives. Most of all, where the Pacific Northwest world is your oyster. The brand’s launch campaign plays up the “Get Out, Stay In” dichotomy of a guest’s journey at Headlands, and the real people and service that help you belong here either way. It extends from advertising into social activation, and a digital destination that lets you bask in the story even before you arrive.

Headlands Stay In Campaign
Headlands Get Out Campign
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