Global Gourmet

San Francisco’s Global Gourmet has served some of the world’s most innovative brands, like Apple, Google, Facebook. For decades, they’ve grown their reputation for stellar food, incredible service, event design, and sustainability while competing in one of the world’s topmost heralded food and wine regions. A brand identity and digital presence to match their reputation required a sense of the scale and style the company’s worked so long to attain.

A Refreshed Identity

A logo revamp brought the Global Gourmet brand into modern focus, and offers the first cue to a recurring theme. The interlocking G motif has a modern elegance, creating a mark that evokes something you might find in high-end fashion. It’s an ambigram — appearing the same from either side, reinforcing their dual event-type expertise.

A Tailored Impression

In an industry where every event is tailor-made, Global Gourmet’s website makes a statement. Brand pillars emerge immediately — restaurant-caliber cuisine, flawless service, and custom design — promising a high-end, sophisticated experience with a luxe, large-scale service delivery. Full-bleed imagery, typography, and a reserved color palette create an elegant aesthetic again reminiscent of fashion. Thoughtful imagery curation provides users looking to plan an event with immediate visual cues that Global Gourmet brings their vision to life.

Audience-Driven UX and IA

With two distinct audiences — corporate and wedding — the challenge was in streamlining user experience for user-specific needs, while creating a unified, holistic brand experience and improving SEO. The solution: one branded look and feel, but an imagery and content distinction, at once content-rich and functional, yet easily navigable and orienting. The site’s information architecture includes paths for both users, but grants access to shared content through thoughtful organization and intuitive wayfinding.

Engaging Venues

The site’s most-custom feature aids in the finding of the most-perfect venue. Location is a pivotal and early consideration and this tool helps Global Gourmet engage from the start. The venue finder uses detailed back-end logic — driven by a custom content management system — for a seamless front-end experience. Content and imagery showcasing the venue can be varied by location, depending on whether users select a Corporate or Wedding event type. Users receive contact information and options upfront without ever leaving the comfort of Global Gourmet’s site.

A Gourmet Food Experience

The site’s all-important Food & Beverage section is designed to showcase food as an experience, using beautiful photography of actual menu items, and layering in menu-building information to help with planning — and planning to hire Global Gourmet. Menu detail pages offer simple navigation for users to find menus for their event size, and explore corresponding culinary options, without getting bogged down by content irrelevant to their plans.

An Integrated Blog

A customized blog expands brand engagement, unifying the company’s content around topics of interest to professional and casual event planners alike: trends, Q&As, global conscience, and of course, event production. The design solution breaks robust article content into a digestible pace. With the look of a sophisticated online publication, blog content maps seamlessly with evergreen content, allowing users to go back and forth and use the information to plan.

Responsive and Forward-Thinking

Serving an innovative audience means walking the talk. That takes shape in Global Gourmet’s fully responsive site design and build, arming planners on-site, in their office, or wherever they go. It also means finding ways to feature the company’s namesake global consciousness: an entire section orients to their focus on sustainability, local, and environmental responsibility.

"Once again, FINE has helped us take a giant brand step forward with our new identity and site design."