An Employer Brand with a Consumer Voice

For some brands, the toughest marketing challenge is attracting top talent. At DISH, a strong consumer voice needed translation for an audience of young recruits in the coveted Gen Y demographic. It began with qualitative research to understand the DISH employment brand, and to develop deeper perspective into what recruits look for today. The result speaks directly to them in a voice that resonates.

Delivering the 30,000 Foot Career View

Through graphics, and integrated video from ESPN and HBO, the DISH brand shifts right before the audience's eyes. First person video personalizes the visit, like a trip down the halls to meet future co-workers. The result shows DISH as a true media company, not just a maker of satellite dishes and boxes.

“Thank you again for all of your work. We are extremely happy with both the aesthetics and functionality. We especially appreciate the thoughtful comments and suggestions you have provided along the way.”

DISH Network