A Website with a Thought Infusion

Credo Capital is a capital management firm providing financial planning and investment management services to high net worth individuals and institutions. And their new website manifests a brand that’s equal parts cool calculation and personal approachability. Credo messaging leads with rational and non-emotional thinking – call it thought leadership, if you will. Or just call it “don’t overreact to the Dow of the day”. So the content device of “Think____” (fill in Forward, Experience, Discipline, Performance to suit the section) appears throughout.

Credo_slide_01 Credo_slide_02 Credo_slide_03 Credo_slide_04


Their legacy look and feel draws upon an abstract abacus reference (grounding them in math and analytics) that informs their refreshed logo, and becomes a thematic element throughout. The brains behind the outfit are a focus, with a rotation of team members featured approachably on the Home page and bio pages that showcase both personal and professional. The site’s built with flexible width that permits re-sizing of the number and arrangement of tiles that appear, depending on browser width – see it in action on Home and Team pages.

A super cool navigation is locked into the left side of the browser – it’s always open on the home page, but as you drill down further, the nav minimizes to reveal only their signature abacus dots until you rollover and expand it. Finally, a robust content management system helps manage posted reports and thought leadership that demonstrate their prowess on an ongoing basis: publications, newsletters facts sheets, and more.

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