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Cloudera is at the forefront of big data, helping companies mine information to cure disease, land planes, and solve the biggest big problems and opportunities. For the brand to reach its full potential, the high tech messages needed a human side. Through imagery, messaging, design, and sales and trade collateral, their IPO year became a brand coming out party.

Blast from the Past

A succession of FINE-developed print, direct mail, and channel campaigns aimed to promote their innovative cloud-based service offering in unexpected new ways. Outreach to C-Suite execs helped raise awareness and set appointments for enterprise sell-through. While low-tech in medium, the pieces are high-tech in message, and even in production, using innovative heat-sensitive print techniques to endorse the message of vision and clarity.

Technology at Human Scale

Cloudera finds common ground with their C-level audience by adding a touch of fun in tone and message, and revisiting old-fashioned, 1:1 communication channels. In a world of mind-bending, and mostly intangible, technology, small giveaways, tactile mailers, and print pieces cut through the clutter.

High-level Connection

To reach the highest-level Chief Information Security Officers, an invitation using heat-sensitive paper reveals a special gift for attending a meeting about how transparent data makes your enterprise more secure with Cloudera. Online or offline response mechanisms apply. And small tokens like luggage tags give the brand a constant physical presence for its virtual product.

A Brand in Theory and Practice

The approach and tools established new documentable brand standards even while they immediately translated to measurable direct response results for important initiatives. All along the way, the brand point that Cloudera’s cutting-edge technology transfers to human impact is demonstrated across media old and new.

Big Data's Big Events

In this industry, consumer and trade events are continual and critical components of the marketing strategy. For a few flagship events a year, a custom presence is warranted. But for 100s of smaller ones, a solution that gives the brand a consistently strong visual presence, but is flexible to variable spaces and needs, is key. An event design standard, with configurable designs and specs that can be implemented on the fly, makes the brand fully portable.