Cliff Lede Vineyards & Poetry Inn

In 2002 Cliff Lede purchased a sparkling wine vineyard in the Stags Leap District. Since then, he and his company have worked fast to realize a vision, converting production to the Bordeaux varieties he loves, opening a property dedicated to the majesty of the region, adding a state of the art winemaking facility and cave system, renovating the tasting room, even creating an art gallery in place of an old fermentation room.

Escaping the Established Aesthetic

Cliff wanted FINE to capture his modern aesthetic and fresh take on the wine business, yet allow for some blending with the Napa landscape to achieve a striking, and engaging, paradox. A modern Napa Valley with a dash of bad boy.

The wines were already named to make a statement, with some of them evoking classic rock tunes. Visual contributors include clean lines and contemporary typography that stitch together a striking virtual glimpse into the Cliff Lede / Poetry Inn brands. The two carefully blend to pair modern art, craft, and comfort.

Two Elements of the Vision Under One “Roof.”

Two doors greet you upon entry – one leads to Cliff Lede Vineyards, the other to Poetry Inn. Both design paths allow for immediate cross-navigation through a clever portal in the upper right.

Each website is completely managed via a custom content management system allowing for instant updates and enhancements. Also behind the scenes are all the bells and whistles that you’d expect in a world-class wine and hospitality site: integrated reservations, shopping, gallery previews, wine club and custom account area.

A custom trade and media area provides support to marketing efforts and ensures a consistent public face through conveniently available downloads and pre-written assets.