Cakebread Ranch Location

The Cakebread Ranch

The Cakebread family of brands, most famous for the highly regarded wines of Cakebread Cellars, extends its hospitality to the lodge, farm, restaurant, stores, and fishing expeditions of The Cakebread Ranch. The result is a dream come true for those who love life in the great outdoors.

The Cakebread Experience: A River Runs Through It

Warm, clean, and rich in design, the site portrays a world-class destination experience while retaining the authentic, rustic charm of an outdoor adventure on Wyoming's Salt River. It's distinct from the look and feel established for Cakebread Cellars winery, but borrows a few navigational features for consistency. The overall impression is of an experience unlike any other, from Cakebread or otherwise.

Dream and Act Responsively

The site is fully responsive, seamlessly scaling to browsers from desktop cinema displays to mobile phone screens, backed by the same content delivery technology across all views. So you can catch a quick dream of a Wyoming fly-fishing expedition no matter where you are, then make contact and book it from wherever you are.

A Watercolor Water Guide

A signature visual and informational focal detail on the site is the custom-illustrated, interactive watercolor map that guides you to the best fishing beats on the Salt River. Follow the meandering map from North Bend to Mink's Run, scrolling over more than 20 locations to see photos and plan your adventure.

A Seasonal Feast

The Cakebread Ranch's farm and restaurant pair fresh, seasonal produce with bounty from the river. A seasonal schedule, updated via the same content management system that drives all site content, lets you know what produce is sustainable and fresh to order, or what you might find on the table at the restaurant.

The Current: Inside the Cakebread Ranch

Along with the site, a custom-designed blog helps pass along news and views from The Cakebread Ranch, so visitors can get an inside look in advance, or stay connected after their visit. Backed by a simple blogging platform, it allows easy, informal updates for content that stays fresh like the Wyoming air.

A Spectacular Setting in Digital Images

Above all, what emerges is a vision of stunning river vistas and endless panoramic views of restored natural landscapes that unfold in every direction. It's all meant to inspire your next daydream, or your next adventure at The Cakebread Ranch.