Bounty Hunter branding on various collateral items

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is your most-trusted guide through the mysteries of discovering, acquiring, and enjoying the very best and rarest wine and spirits. To realize their full potential for growth and resonance, a new brand story, identity, collateral, and guest experience sets a modern tone for a brand about more than procuring rare bottles; it’s also about stockpiling exceptional experiences.

A Trio of Identities

Bounty Hunter’s emerging story creates the platform to engage with customers through multiple service offerings. A new identity system architects a visual distinction and a connection between Bounty Hunter wine, spirits, and restaurant/corporate lines of business. The logos are designed to act as a family, each with its own icon and primary color palette within the system.

Down to the Details

With a solid brand identity system established, the work applying it required mapping and designing myriad brand touchpoints that reinforce Bounty Hunter's messaging and style evolution. Collateral, menus, packaging, coasters, and gift items all bring it home.

A New Restaurant Concept

A new restaurant concept demonstrates the new brand’s experience. The intent was a rich, nostalgic environment supporting an innovative service and circulation model that encourages exploration and discovery of fine wine and spirits. FINE enlisted noted restaurant designers Arcsine to craft a warm, captivating environment that’s both brand-relevant and functionally efficient. The design carefully integrates a multifaceted experience with a bar, lounge, restaurant, and retail. The result looks and feels natural and authentic, nurturing the highly personal demands of the Bounty Hunter brand experience.

Elevating the Vision

As a brand begins to seem more like a lifestyle, brand guidelines take on the look, feel, and influence of an aspirational magazine. For Bounty Hunter, the evolved brand strategy, identity system, and guest experience story comes to life in a more glamorous, shareable document. It becomes a brand playbook to inspire intention and ensure consistency of the experience Bounty Hunter creates with every interaction, at every customer touchpoint.