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BBGFX Website

Bannockburn Global Forex (BBGFX) specializes in foreign currency advisory, hedge analytics, and transaction processing. What they do with currency is no commodity; with a boutique approach and specialized services, their expert counsel serves verticals across closely held enterprises, financial sponsors, entertainment, and community and regional banks. Translating their approach into digital space, flexibility tailors their story so current and prospective clients see their full value.

Scalable Design

Website design signals BBGFX as an established leader, while positioning them as an innovating financial services firm. Content hierarchy yields to core messages and data-points. Highly personal photography brings the team forward to drive relationships, backed by a bright and clean aesthetic to convey a friendly, modern approach. Site motion and physics signal the overlap their services provide across geographies, with a nimble feeling that mimics their style.

Customizing Industry Insights

Custom portals elevate personalized browsing, curated for individual users, paced with the content and case studies that most matter to their industry and need. Setup in the content management system is streamlined to efficiently add new clients, or create unique pages and URLs in the back-end for tailored information upfront. Functionally, it’s a microsite experience under easy-to-use macro management.

Mapping Real-time Changes

A dynamic graph within the Forex page responds to rapid industry changes. Real-time editable and responsively built, it conveys how the BBGFX team can forensically evaluate FX performance and operate as an integrated partner for a deeper level of guidance, no matter their clients’ transaction plan.

Pocket-sized Market Insights

Responsive across device types, technically efficient, and visually agile, the new website follows through on BBGFX’s commitment to elevating the thinking behind currency into a true strategic advantage.