BAR Architects branding a infinity pool with impressive vista view

BAR Architects

They're one of the most decorated design architecture firms on the west coast. With the departure of their founders, the challenge for BAR Architects was to comprehensively position the brand for a new era. The solution was to capture their work and people in a new website that itself has become one of the most awarded in their industry.

A Timeless, Elegant Reflection

BAR wanted a site to put the work forward and let it speak for itself, as the most compelling reflection of the firm. The portfolio of stunning custom homes is the star. FINE-produced black and white imagery in the non-portfolio area gives a timeless, elegant aesthetic that "frames" and accentuates the color in the portfolio of work.

Custom Touch. Personal Tours.

Highly customized home design depends on personal interaction. So multiple perspectives of the partners in the site communicate depth of personality and approachability of the people involved. Behind the scenes, BAR’s website and Content Management System includes a password-protected customized tour and tailored portfolio that enables the personal touch to start right from the first contact.

“Praise and accolades still roll in - from clients, potential employees, vendors...on and on. Working with our committee of exacting architects must've been a challenge - but you exceeded all expectations! You gave us everything we desired and we had a blast working with you!”