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5th Street Public Market District

The 5th Street Public Market District has been a community hub and premier shopping destination in Eugene, Oregon for 40 years. Obie Development enlisted FINE to engineer the most significant expansion in its history -- a rare opportunity to shape an urban neighborhood spanning several connected blocks, transforming it into a new regional center of gravity brand to entice tourists, and form a true community point of pride for locals.

Fifth Street Public Market Branding

A Cultural Center Built on a Strong Brand Foundation

The initiative began with an overarching placemaking strategy, from experience intent and audience journey, to a neighborhood retail mix evolutionary plan. The goal was to thoughtfully evolve Eugene's best naturally occurring features for biggest impact. Careful analysis of the target audience coalesced in an journey, mapped against the components of a vibrant neighborhood, as much about art, food, drink, and discovery as it is about shopping and staying. A new cultural center emerged to serve locals and tourists as never before.

Map of Eugene Market District
Strategic Differentiators
Two graphs showing the breakdown of the use of space in the Fifth Street Market today and in the future

Creating Neighborhood Recognition and Traction

Development of a new visual brand standard that feels at once historic and entirely modern, infused neighborhood recognition into the local fabric, and created opportunities for traction throughout the planning and design of a distinct experience. These expressions, along with placemaking and experience, all merge into documented tools for longevity and consistency: brand guidelines, imagery standards, guest journey, experience tactics, and service delivery standards.

The District of the Future Has Arrived

The 5th Street Market branding extended into a collaboration with the City of Eugene to ensure visitor recognition and continuity. Market District visual systems and programming brought the neighborhood's look, feel and way-finding together to develop a "sense of arrival" and visual cohesiveness. A true value add for the city's marketing efforts, and the local sense of community.