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Slabtown Square

Multifamily residential can be done differently. The proof? Slabtown Square—a residential development featuring a public square that serves as the center of gravity for the neighborhood and beyond. With thoughtful programming and a curated local retail experience, the property is designed to stand out in a sea of same-old apartment complexes.

Building a Foundation

Starting with an empty block, the foundation of Slabtown Square was built from the ground up. More than a construction project, the heart and soul of the property is brought to life through the purposeful creation of an experience, a destination, and an extraordinary place to call home.

A Place with a Name

The property is designed to be a place for people to unite, share, gather, and thrive. At the physical center of the property is a public square dedicated to outdoor events and community programming. Using that energy as inspiration, the Slabtown Square name comes to life.

Slabtown Square Logo
Slabtown Branding - The Heart of Your Neighborhood

Slabtown Experience

With an industrial-grade rooftop exhibition kitchen and hands-on culinary programming to put it to good use, Slabtown Square is a community designed for food-centric gatherings and experiences. Amenity spaces across the property are purposefully planned and activated as borrowing libraries, shared workspaces, studios, and playrooms.

Slabtown Square branded posters
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Square Residents

From single professionals to city-dwelling families, well-designed touch points throughout Slabtown Square speak to people in ways that draw them in and help them to commit to becoming residents. Whether it’s space to entertain, hands-on community programming, or the ability to select apartment finishes and materials during lease-up, the tenant attraction strategy focuses on personalized choice.

Slabtown Square Brand Book Resident Journey
Slabtown Square Brand Book interior spreads

The Right Retail

Key to the tenant mix of Slabtown Square is a commitment to building community. Proactively targeting and pursuing retail partners that support and elevate that commitment ensures a tenant mix that fits the property and solidifies Slabtown Square as the center of the neighborhood.

Minimalist floral retail space

The Look of Slabtown

Inspired by spring-blooming trillium flowers, Slabtown Square’s identity brings concepts of nature and the Arts & Crafts movement together in a contemporary way. The logomark expresses the concept of the trillium flower while the extended logomark weaves the trillium into a larger logo ecosystem inspired by the stained glass work of Frank Lloyd Wright. The stained glass logo can be disassembled and reconfigured to create individual identities for the various programs and events of Slabtown Square. Sophisticated, eclectic, and unexpectedly playful, the system of visual components weaves the property’s values, personality, and distinctions together to form a singular expression.

Slabtown Square Business Card
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Slabtown Square Brand Book Color Palette spread

A Beacon for the Neighborhood

Slabtown Square is home to some and a destination for many others. An experiential sign design program was put in place to help create a sense of home for residents while also serving as a beacon for visitors. Exterior and interior placemaking, wayfinding, and space identification signage adds thoughtful, functional touch points to the property.

Slabtown Square building rendering
Slabtown Square Signage on building rendering
Slabtown Square outdoor wayfinding signage

Slabtown Collaborators

Slabtown Square is made possible by a team of collaborators willing to blur the lines and engage in cross-discipline knowledge sharing. This philosophy of exchange is foundational to the ethos of the property and serves as a new approach to the design of multifamily residential projects. FINE partners include GRES, LRS, and Tello.