Sippin' Whiskey Website

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[[]]( "")It's the kind of idea you get after a few pops at the local pub - hey, let's start a whiskey brand! - and then forget about the next day. But a couple of guys up in Woodinville, Washington actually followed through with it.

And after enlisting a whiskey-brewing genius from Maker's Mark to help them perfect the secret sauce, and expanding the definition of whiskey to include vodka, they turned to us to bring their brand to life online. The result is what pours out of your browser at

Their site is brand-forward, with big bold headlines that invite you to forget what you knew about whiskey (like what color it's supposed to be - theirs is CLEAR), and the introduction of a signature character named Peabody Jones the "mad genius moron" who can only be trusted to make a mean vodka . But it's also simple, pared down, and true to the company's bootstrapping approach, artisan feel, and 100% organic style.

It's not your father's whiskey company, and it's not your average whiskey company website.

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