Frank Family Vineyards: A Digital Day in the Life of Napa Valley’s Family Winery

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As the third-oldest winery in Napa Valley, Frank Family Vineyards is a legend turned legacy. First constructed as the Historic Larkmead Winery in 1884, the winery went through a few transitions before a purchase in 1992 by longtime entertainment industry leader Rich Frank. This family-owned winery has a people-first intention, with a new FINE site that tells the story of a kind of hospitality where every guest is an extended member of the family.

Frank Family_Mingle

The website design concept is rooted in the brand’s promise of inviting every guest into the daily experience at the winery. Beginning with the homepage, users are connected to the lifecycle of a day through an interactive, 12-hour time lapse effect. Throughout the site, immersive photography illustrates a natural simplicity behind the brand; designed with approachability over exclusion, and paired with content that’s paced to slow things down, to engross. What’s left is a brand connection built by a prevailing sense of connection to the best things in life: family, great wine, and a special place where they all come together.

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