Graphis Branding Win: Kimpton Double Take

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Located on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles, Kimpton Double Take is a modern restaurant and bar with a contrasting style that recognizes the local independent filmmakers’ impact on making the city the booming industry it is now.

Its identity reflects a subtle shift in misperception, the ID flipping the name’s L and A, to evoke the brand name and act as a reminder to the filmmaker’s sleight of hand. This concept won Gold at the Graphis branding awards, which since 1944 has honored talent across design, advertising, photography, and art/illustration for both digital and print — known for its industry magazines, annuals, and books.

The award is recognition of Double Take's unique collateral design, which uses striking compositional arrangements so that guests must interact with the materials to comprehend what’s being communicated, inviting a deeper brand connection. A suite of menus balance asymmetry and visual wayfinding so when clipped together, they elevate their counterpart’s content via lines that direct sight to individual headers. It's a comprehensive brand paradox to make you...look twice.

Double Take also won a Summit Creative Award.

Take the tour.

Creative Director - Kenn Fine
Designers - North Bryan & Mehran Azma
Project Director - Allyson Marrs

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