A FINE Case Study: Ferrari Carano

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The world of websites is a numbers game—where success is measured in views and even more highly regarded in clicks. The world of FINE sites is much the same, where the decisions that are made during a build all lead back to post-launch numbers.

The famed Ferrari Carano Winery's site utilized a solid foundation at build - website architecture strengthened by SEO tactics to help improve search engine indexation and visibility, from schema.org markup for recipes and local address data, to URL structure improvements.

  • Keyword Integration: Keywords relevant to Ferrari Carano’s winery focus and location were holistically incorporated throughout website content and metadata, resulting in increased organic performance.
  • Redesign Discovery: Website content was carefully migrated from the previous website, so that the redesign enhanced search visibility without disrupting existing performance and traffic.


Organic traffic to the website greatly improved after site launch, with 30%+ increases in overall organic traffic and 175%+ increases in mobile/tablet traffic.

Comparison Period: 8/5/2013– 8/5/2014 to previous year.

All Sessions: **+20.22%** Organic Traffic: **+30.19%** Mobile & Table traffic: **+175.08%** (responsive site) Bounce rate down (improved): **13.78%** Pages / Session: **+12.29%** Average Session Duration: **+20.76%**

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