Look For the Helpers

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This is the strangest of situations. It requires physical distance but brings us closer together.

Many saw it coming, yet few were prepared. It will hit some hard, and none harder than those who are already fragile physically or financially, those who don’t have the luxury to save for rainy days, or the coverage to seek care.

The only advice we have is the advice we plan to follow: look for the helpers. Maybe Mr. Rogers wasn't a savvy businessman. But when he famously shared his mother’s wisdom for scary situations, he created a blueprint for the new world. For us, it means four things:

  1. Focus on the little things. Whether you are lost in the woods, adrift at sea, or in a global pandemic, taking small actions is a survival mechanism in perception and reality. Tips for staying physically healthy abound. Moving forward in little ways is mentally healthy.
  2. Prepare for the new reality. We will emerge from this. What will have changed? Now is the time to re-examine your company (if not personal) core purpose and think of new ways to share your unique value to the world. Necessity drives invention; let it drive you.
  3. Be kind. You may not have physical proximity to remind you, but we’re all in this together. Don't let fear guide you to an “every man for himself” isolationist mindset or you may find yourself and your company adrift on your own sinking liferaft. Kindness policies are best practices now.
  4. Champion those in need. Soon, flagging industries will need propping up. Do what you can to advocate that help ends up in the hands of those most in need, whether you're providing it directly and locally, or demanding it of elected leaders.

Right now, it’s undeniable that the world and all its people are connected. Leaders look silly when they posture, scapegoat, or sugarcoat. We’re past that. This is a human situation, so look for the many examples of humanity.

We’ve long used the credo “Bring Friends.” It’s more relevant than ever. Look for the helpers. Be one yourself. Before this is over, we’ll all know who our friends are.

Please let us know what we can do to help you.

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