Co-Pilots in Private Aviation: GDUSA Features XOJET

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A feature on XOJET's new website in Graphic Design USA magazine highlights a digital brand destination now mapped to the world's savviest flyers — where key design elements elevate the experience, and a sophisticated set of digital tools, like the XOJET Program Assistant, provide a first taste of XOJET’s high-end service.

Competing in the rarified air of private aviation, design emphasizes the look and feel of an exceptional experience, with immersive full-bleed imagery that provides the visceral sense of flying with XOJET, and the environments in and around the aircraft. Some of the words that guided design and user experience might sound like puns if they weren’t so true. It had to feel as elevated as the experience. As weightless as the service. In short, it needed to look and feel like the digital version of Fly Savvy.

View the feature.

Take the tour.

Agency - FINE
Client - XOJET
Project Director - Sara Stockett
Creative Director - Tsilli Pines
Strategist - Steve Fine
Designer - Adam Parry
Developers - Nichole Barrett, Tim Shedor
Information Architecture - Lori Dunkin, Lisa Wright
Copywriter - Josh Kelly

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