FINE’s "The Drum” Series: James Edmondson's Wisdom Script Font

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Chances are you’ve encountered the Wisdom Script typeface somewhere since its 2011 release. Nike, Disney, Starbucks, McDonald's and Whole Foods are a handful of major brands that have used the font. It became so popular, and so linked to a growing trend toward artisan aesthetic, that it inspired knock-offs and variations, along with blogs dedicated to using it, banning it, or doing fake rebrands with it.

In a series for The Drum that focuses on industry craft, FINE Partner and Chief Strategist Josh Kelly interviews San Francisco-based type designer James Edmondson. James is the creator of Wisdom Script and shares the history of the font, how it helped pay for his education and what he sees in type design’s present and future.

From The Drum: Craft in action: tracing the ubiquitous Wisdom Script typeface's origins

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