2019's Global Dev Trends: FINE in NET Magazine

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The early days of 2019 are perfect for planning, scheming, dreaming—and predicting. Four FINE developers, Aaron Ransley, Charlie Pitkin, Emmanuel Garcia and James Kurczodyna, put their heads together and discussed what the new year has in store for the world wide web. Their ideas are ready for download in January's issue of UK-based [NET Magazine](http://Article originally published in the October issue of Computer Arts magazine. ""), but we have a sneak-peak for you here.

  1. *Stability, Security and Performance. *2019 will bring stability to the JavaScript ecosystem, with new solutions entering the market for users of all kinds. Serverless infrastructure continues to grow, not on virtual servers, but on AWS or Azure, favored for their small function runtimes. Developments in WebAssembly make for better browser performance, particularly when processing larger data files.
  2. Serverless Technologies. More applications that used to run on virtual servers will transition to serverless technologies to meet increasing client demands. We'll see a rise in the adoption of container-based production environments, which will thin out in number as a handful take the lead in their appropriate niche.
  3. UX Shifts in Mobile Apps. With almost all browsers supporting modern web features, more retailers and businesses will begin building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) creating a smoother, more app-like experience and enabling developers and designers alike in taking a more holistic approach to UX.
  4. Up with PWAs and GraphQL. Browser adoption of native mobile features will not only enable PWAs to thrive, but will cause Google's AMP to dwindle in support. Innovations in how back-end and front-ends communicate will continue to gain traction, with query languages like GraphQL growing in power and popularity.

Read the full article in [NET Magazine](http://Article originally published in the October issue of Computer Arts magazine. ""), on stands now.

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