12 Days of FINE. Day 8: Classic Clients

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A few clients who've been around for the long haul weigh in with their take on FINE.

Gundolf Pfotenhauer, former Creative Director for The Coppola Companies.

What circumstances brought you to FINE?
We've known each other and worked together now for almost 12 years. I remember when Steve first called me when I was working at Coppola. He was very persistent - after 6 months and many phone calls, the time was finally right. We finally met and started working on several websites for The Coppola Companies.

What was your first impression? How did that impression change and/or grow over the years?
All I can say, FINE was never afraid of any creative challenge and made the impossible possible. That’s why we stayed friends for all these years and worked together on many different projects.

What’s been your experience working with FINE?
Now I am living in Italy and I will miss Stephen’s humor and energy, Kenn’s creative ingenuity and Josh’s calmness. Thank you all for being friends for all this time and I wish you many more successful years. Happy 20th Anniversary.

The Work

Coppola Companies Project Tour

Matt Luis, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

*What’s been your experience working with FINE? *
We’ve had a fantastic partnership for over six years now. When I look back at where we’ve come and what we’ve done together, it absolutely blows me away. Together we’ve blazed some trails and even stubbed our toes a few times, but it’s always fun.

*How would you describe some of FINE’s defining characteristics? *
Smart, willing and reliable.

What 3 words do you think best describes the kind of work FINE does for you? *
Totally. F
@#ing. Rad.

*Anything to add? *
I can come up with some crazy ideas…and FINE always listens with great interest. They come back with better ideas, make them tangible, then execute like pros.

The Work

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Chateau Ste Michelle

Stag's Leap Wine Cellars

Columbia Crest

Col Solare Winery

Maribel Castillo, Associate Vice President, Director of Corporate Communications, T.Y. Lin International

*What circumstances brought you to work with FINE?
We brought on FINE to update T.Y. Lin International’s website and to reposition the firm’s brand from a strong niche player in the A/E/C industry to that of a global enterprise.

What was your first impression?
My first meeting with FINE was in 2007 (pre-website project). Kenn and Steve came to T.Y. Lin International’s office to present FINE’s concepts for a print ad campaign. I remember two things about this first meeting – laughing a lot and being really excited about the proposed ideas.

*How did that impression change and/or grow over the years?
FINE delivers on their promises so not too much has changed from my first impression.

*What’s been your experience working with FINE?
FINE brings joy to the world one pixel at a time.

** What are some of FINE’s defining characteristics?
** Impeccable professionals. Stellar designers. Digital magicians.

The Work

T.Y. Lin International

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