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My burrito keeps me warm.

- North

They really liked my tomatoes!

- Arune

I Googled "nuts", and a relationship was formed.

- Emily

I feel like I'm treading Jell-O today.

- Melisa

Why do you hate me so much?

- Katerina

When I type, I like to pretend I'm playing the piano.

- Emily

…maybe i should start a blog.

...maybe i should start a blog. The world deserves to know what I ate today. That makes for good reading.

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Braced like a seabird.

- Kenn

Went to Walgreens at lunch and now I have 6 pack abs.

- Josh

I need to borrow ten thousand dollars immediately.

- Resolvatron

Knowing that our internet at work was going to be down for 2 hours... I somehow also thought, "Oh, shoot. I better get some water before it goes down, too." I think I equate lack of internet with life threatening situations.

- An odd split second of thought

Be obscure clearly! Be wild of tongue in a way we can understand!

- E.B. White