A Mural with a Message

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Artist Keith Haring was an amazing man who cared deeply about community and the well-being of his fellow humans. Haring is best know for the work he did in the public spaces of New York City and beyond. Everywhere he went he created his iconic murals and chalk drawings, communicating with his unique visual language. His style was simple in structure, but the symbolism and content was complex. Haring wasn't afraid to address important issues including birth, death, sex, and war, all through minimal line drawings.

[[]](http://www.wearefine.com/mingle/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/keith_haring-e1378485983695.png "")

Haring died at 31 in 1990 of AIDS related complications, but his spirit lives on. In the artist's tradition of beautifying public spaces, here's a guide to making your own Keith Haring-inspired chalk art outside. Just grab a couple of your neighbors, a few sticks of chalk, and a sidewalk near you and follow the steps from our friends at GOOD.com

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