FINE's Favorite GIFs: Episode 3, Shocked, Surprised, and Horrified
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FINE’s Favorite GIFs: Episode 3, Shocked, Surprised, and Horrified

Posted in Play — October 31, 2014

Sometimes you need a little bit more than words to communicate what you’re feeling. Around here, we support that need through animated GIFs. Today we share with you a group of our top .gifs used when expressing shock, surprise, and straight horrified. ‘Tis the season – Happy Halloween!


unnamed-13 unnamed-3 unnamed-12 unnamed-8 shocked gif shocked gif unnamed-6 shocked gif unnamed-4 shocked gif unnamed-1


surprised dog reaction gif




surprised gif unnamed-12 unnamed-9


surprised dracula


unnamed-7surprised gif


horrified gif


horrified gif unnamed-10 horrified gif

Aaaaand Horrifying (Beware – a few of these will seriously creep you out. These were contributed by our staff members who really enjoy being scared and haunted.)

horrifying gif scary demon child unnamed-6 unnamed-4 unnamed-3 unnamed-2





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