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Crestview Partners

In its first dozen years, Crestview Capital’s grown to more than $7 Billion in capital commitments from the strength of their focus on solutions, industry experience, personal network, and, most of all, a boutique-feel partnership approach. Crestview’s website puts their value proposition and results front and center, with a spotlight on the investment portfolio and people whose partnership makes it happen.

Case Studies Make a Strong Case

Crestview's partnership and solutions-oriented approach is evident in many ways on the site. If you miss it, CEO testimonials are peppered throughout to remind you. But what shows it best is a select group of in-depth case studies. Each successful partner is showcased with highlights, images, testimonials, and the kinds of attention to detail each company deserves—an online analogy for the attention they get from Crestview.

More Crestview Meets the Eye

The site has a visual rhythm, with interplay between dark and light design and imagery elements that create a uniform pacing that feels professional, yet refreshingly approachable. The look is conservative and contemporary, but not flashy or slick. Above all, an abundance of gallery types, populated with images styled at custom photo shoots, help to highlight the firm’s people in a warm, yet high-end, way.

Technology On Display

It’s one of those sites that looks outwardly simple precisely because it’s inwardly complex. Small details add up, like team filtering via a custom content management system, hyperlinks within captions, a sortable investments table, and, of course, a fully responsive build that adapts the site’s visual sophistication to screens and devices of all sizes.

The team from FINE knows their business and they took the time to understand our business. That made the creative and technical process for our website both efficient and effective."

— Tom Murphy, Co-Founder & Partner

Our website is an important tool for potential partners. It helps us effectively communicate what Crestview is all about, particularly our culture. FINE was able to capture this and demonstrate what makes us special. "

— Barry Volpert, Co-Founder & CEO