Clarisonic branding with woman holding face scrubber


Clarisonic began with a mission to revolutionize skincare. With patented sonic technology, backed by global health and beauty brand L’Oreal, they are poised to do just that. A critical step is the digital brand re-invention accomplished here. More than simply selling a device, the brand makes the promise of skin transformed and beauty achieved.

Careful Balance of Brand and Commerce

The site focuses on conversion rates and commercial performance across desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers, providing a great experience for end consumers as well as for important influencers and practitioners in the health and beauty industry. Extensive social media and rating/sharing integrations add credibility and important word-of-mouth power to the mix.

Flexible Seasonal Merchandising

The site was design and built for a robust seasonal merchandising approach to support a variety of commercial periods.

Media: Social and Mass

The site provides an engine to house coverage of Clarisonic in consumer media, a key brand validation point. It also provides social media integration to post, share, and connect to Clarisonic's content, sharing stories both personal and professional that help build the brand community.

Videos Keep the Brand Promise

A major brand focus is making sure each Clarisonic customer reaches and maintains their desired skin transformation long after their initial order. To that end, a library of refined educational videos help explain product features and uses. The series rounds out the site's comprehensive FINE-produced copy and content.