Three Cuvaison Wines


Since 1969, Cuvaison has helped make the myth of Napa Valley a reality, steadfastly crafting select varietals grown on their Los Carneros estate vineyard. Their mission remains true to these roots, and so does their wine. Across brand strategy, messaging, identity design, packaging, and a new website, a ground-up brand initiative re-imagines the Cuvaison brand to carry their legacy forward in a modern craft context.

A Return to Brand Roots

The initiative began with core brand messaging, a narrative based in the craft and independent spirit of the early days of Napa Valley. From that foundation, and taking inspiration from 1970s labels, brand connections to legacy, modernized for present and future, emerged. Original letterforms and a stained glass illustration became recurring visual threads, along with a color palette that combines the timeless craft of gold, with the natural tones of Cuvaison’s Los Carneros estate. And a "True to Our Roots" credo took hold.

Truth in Packaging

A comprehensive overhaul of bottles, labels, and club packaging brings the new brand forward to consumers and retail channels. Design is nuanced to balance craft and sophistication. Every detail — from the capsule and end cap pattern, to emphasis on the 1969 established date, to the historic arched label distinction of The Estate series — is designed to both enhance retail recognition and reinforce the grounded brand promise.

Connecting to a Working Winery

The experience of a working winery informs Cuvaison's digital destination. Everywhere, a return to a real Napa Valley feel filters through a modern, high-end lens. History and process unfold alongside bold bottle shots and people-focused imagery, an invitation to visit the winery and share the experience. Type elegantly blends serif and sans, for a contemporary feel. Big bottle shots, in a semi-unwrapped state, position wine as the precious gift it is.

The Once and Future Cuvaison

The re-imagined Cuvaison brand communicates that the real Napa Valley — the one that existed before Napa Valley was a brand in itself — is no myth of history. It’s as real today as it was in 1969. You find it at the Cuvaison winery, when visiting them online from any device, and when you unwrap, uncork or unbox their wine. Most of all, you experience it with every sip you take.