York Street Yards logo on concrete wall

York Street Yards

York Street Yards, a historic creative adaptive reuse campus from FINE friend SKB, is a collective-minded environment of mutual inspiration where modern manufacturers come to thrive. Located in the heart of Clayton, the diverse and dynamic Yard community is one united behind three simple values: that their differences create their community, that ideas are exchanged freely, and that human interactions flourish organically. All are welcome here.

We Are Stronger Together

York Street Yards is firmly rooted in advocacy for both its modern manufacturing tenants and surrounding neighbors. The uniquely-positioned property works diligently to motivate a thriving ecosystem within Clayton, catalyzing the greater community to use its expertise, knowledge, and energy as seeds for local movements. Through re-imagined amenities, programming, and events, The Yard’s campus fuels empowerment for tenants and the community at large.

York Street Yards rendering
Person working at a desk
Person using a saw in a workshop

Communal Playzone

The core York Street Yards wordmark is dynamically composed to add dimensionality and whimsy to a typically utilitarian typeface. Secondary variants construct a modular logo system, specifically designed to take on new life through placemaking sculptural and structural vessels that carry the sense of play throughout the campus. For example, a pair of tree-like Ys aren’t simply a short form of the full mark. Instead, they come together as a point of collision, creative intersection, and gathering space. Brand colors bring to mind contemporary art and pop nostalgia while contrasting the natural surface materials and industrial finishes of The Yard’s historic building.

York Street Yards logo, typography, and color palette
A variety of York Street Yards logos applied to apparel
York Street Yards branded stationery
People working on a project collaboratively
People working in a wood shop

Welcome to the Yard

York Street Yards’s central gathering place provides nurturing soil for collaborators by encouraging tenants to draw inspiration from those around them. Workspaces offer hyper-flexibility in the form of customizable, prefabricated plug-and-play modular installs, allowing versatility for any type of business. The rallying cry of We Are Stronger Together comes alive in multiple knowledge-sharing opportunities throughout the property, from daily tenant-to-tenant interactions to more significant, community-focused initiatives.

York Street Yards branded posters on a brick wall
People working on a project collaboratively
York Street Yards branded computer case
Coffee roaster working at a roasting machine
York Street Yards branded name badge
York Street Yards branding

Assemble & Accelerate

York Street Yard’s photographic style captures the genuine spirit of the property. Modern manufacturers are highlighted in close-up shots that show the intricacy of their craft. Images convey compelling narratives of community. Lighting is set up naturally and emphasizes material quality, while moments of collaboration are captured at collision points.

York Street Yards branded landmark rendering
Bearded man standing in front of York Street Yards branded garage door
York Street Yards neon signage
York Street Yards illustration