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Vista Point Advisors is a boutique investment bank with a strong brand point of view. They are unabashedly, even irreverently, focused on company founders and their interests. Their advice is unconflicted, their attention is undivided, and their brand presence online tells (and shows) the story of a firm that takes founder-led software and internet businesses to the next level.

Founders Rule

An identity refresh and foundational messaging emerged from the discovery phase to guide the way. Confident use of type and color established the company’s bold position. Most of all, the look, feel, and voice establishes a strong sell-side stand for a company appealing to tech innovators. The clean, modern, trustworthy approach signals an ally to build founder’s value and confidence all along their company’s path.

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Digital Intersection

The website becomes a place where the firm and founders engage. The For Founders area is an interactive educational hub, with fresh content to guide partners all along their company lifecycle. A personal touch comes in the form of unique, ownable illustrations to supplement new personal profile bio shots of the firm’s key people — another sign that founders will find friendly allies at Vista Point. The website is built fully response across browsers and devices, just as its digital savvy viewers would expect to see.

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FINE guided us through a process so engaging it had our founder drawing pictures on his iPad, and so empowering it helped us take a new and more irreverent stance with our brand.

— Michael Lyon, Founder & Managing Director, Vista Point Advisors

VPA Site Detail
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