Dining area interior

The Brice

The Brice, a Kimpton hotel, is the South’s newest belle—a fresh, slightly rebellious reflection of Savannah, Georgia’s emerging cultural renaissance. It’s classic meets cutting edge, and part of FINE and Kimpton’s continually evolving mission to showcase Kimpton’s signature style in all key brand touch points.

Naming and Brand Development

To create this new identity for The Brice, FINE started with a name, one that spoke to the personality of the building, the style, and the city itself. The logo, color palette, collateral package, splash page, hotel website, and recommendations on guest experience followed in quick succession.

Southern Charm(ing) Collateral

Like any FINE project, minute details became a focus that grew into defining signatures, in this case, reflecting Savannah’s emerging cultural renaissance. From in-room collateral to business cards to a city guide and walking map, every touchpoint bridges history and tradition, serving up a contemporary approach to Savannah hospitality in a comfortably modern environment.

Guest Experience Consulting and Standards

While there’s a new generation of travelers making their way south, FINE was always mindful of traditional values that have rightfully stood the test of time. Our intention was to make The Brice both eclectic and open, something that wasn’t out of reach, yet something that felt new and exciting. The result is a brand that effectively communicates the merging of Kimpton's world-class design and irreverent personal spirit with a welcoming southern hospitality.

"FINE’s use of a key as the logo for the hotel is the perfect balance of subtle and suggestive. Symbolizing both the exclusive access to the elegant social center of the secret garden and representing solidarity with the Southern renaissance."