Spring Valley Vineyards

Spring Valley Vineyards

In 1995, a family of Walla Walla farmers decided, after six generations, to plant a few grapes. What they found out pretty quickly is that they’d been sitting on a terroir like no other. So they kept the distinct family farming heritage, but made estate-grown red wines their crop of choice, and the rest is history. You’ll see this unique tale on display on their brand website.

Down in the Valley

A bold 6-slide progression welcomes visitors with a summarized Spring Valley story, and hints at the Gallery section within, where the people and the land are celebrated with especially jumbo imagery. Perhaps no area of the site makes the branding connection between family and wine better than the expandable Wines section, which highlights a “family tree” of wine labels, each brand named for people who have lived and worked on their land.

A Connection To Place

A similarly constructed historical timeline in the History section engages winery website users with the family’s story dating back to 1865, including embedded video links to enhance the experience. A retailer locator helps you find the wines in store, or even in a restaurant.

Browser Agnostic Bling

Even to the trained web-savvy eye, the site may look like a fluid Flash experience. But it’s actually javascript. Which means it looks exceptional on your desktop or your iPad/iPhone and is navigable using keyboard arrow keys in the Wines, History, and Gallery sections. The result is a site that feels somehow both solid and fluid at the same time.