Founded in 1995, SIAA is the largest alliance of independent insurance agencies in the nation. A comprehensive brand positioning, messaging, digital and visual expression overhaul from FINE helps lead the charge to realize SIAA's mission to be champions for growth and success of the independent agent, and to propel their industry through a time of great technology change and opportunity—to be "The Agent Alliance".

A Message of Big Aspirations

The shift in brand positioning started not with a new name, but with re-framing the existing, trusted one. As both a modifier and "seal," "The Agent Alliance" demonstrates SIAA's focus on the individual agent. Meanwhile, the words "Support," "Inspire," "Adapt," and "Achieve" reinterpret the acronym into a rally cry and set the tone for messaging, and even enhanced services, to ensure the agent is always the hero.

Future-Forward Expression

The new visual identity and expressions are leveraged across key online and offline touchpoints to reflect SIAA as a hybrid that's part smart tech platform and part knowledgeable professional services firm. The signature forward slash “I” letterform becomes a dramatic literal and figurative symbol for “moving the industry forward”. Imagery, color, type, and digital design all conspire to convey a modern organization that’s personally invested in helping businesses thrive.