Shasta Ventures Logo

Website and CMS

Emerging from the .Bomb era, Shasta Ventures is part of a new wave of investment groups determined to break away from conventional “set in their ways” venture firms. The founders, all successful entrepreneurs in the technology space, focus heavily on building early stage technology companies.

"The FINE team consistently delivered high quality results and was a pleasure to work with throughout the project."

Their namesake is the highest peak in Northern California, and one of the largest volcanic peaks in the world. As a symbol for the firm, it has many similarities to the entrepreneurial experience – a challenging ascent and the ability to weather many storms, yet provide a great reward for those who experience its majesty.

The brand leverages a kind of ‘from the people for the people’ positioning with a ‘founded by entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs’ spin.

Three core brand communication points — Shasta imagery, the Partners, and their portfolio companies — create a simple and bold clarified statement of value. Users are never more than a click away from a person or company success story, and the overall effect conveys a message of focus and efficiency.

Simple is More in the CMS World

The website is driven by a CMS with a customized interface that drives an interactive and flexible portfolio company search capability. This kind of search interaction was a first-to-market in the VC space, a design that is now frequently imitated. On Partner bio pages, the CMS drives content for extensive resources, and news/event information, creating a knowledge center for inquiring entrepreneurs. Partners become resources even before the pitch meeting. Person to person; entrepreneur to entrepreneur.