Team Schulte

A Real Estate Dream Team
Real estate in Gig Harbor, WA is synonymous with Team Schulte & Co. The team is founded and led by Paige Schulte, a powerhouse real estate agency whose reputation for exceptional, all-inclusive concierge service precedes her, and is woven into the fabric of the team itself. An evergreen brand campaign captures the essence of Team Schulte & Co’s high-end experience, amplifying their assets for years to come across a range of targeted brand activations.

The Local’s Choice 

As the #1 agency in Gig Harbor, Team Schulte & Co is the local choice with unmatched knowledge of the market, deep roots in the community, and every service you could ever want, all included. The campaign strategy celebrates the team’s service leadership and straight talking energy with a timeless approach that caters to a luxury audience, both in and out of Gig Harbor.

Service Is the New Luxury

Team Schulte & Co does it all. Confidence, clarity, and concierge service are part of this campaign’s conceptual DNA, manifesting with vibrant contrasting colors, typefaces that are just as bold as Paige herself, and robust campaign messaging that caters to both buyers and sellers. All elements come together to tell one cohesive, service-centric story, with flexibility to dial the system up or down based on audience.

Assets in Action

The brand campaign comes to life across a wealth of traditional campaign marketing assets and core, evergreen materials. From website executions and business cards to direct mailers and ad spreads, the campaign look and feel is flexible enough to leverage across the full expanse of marketing touchpoints, while delivering a solid dose of affinity-building delight for new and existing clients.