SB Architects

SB Architects

For nearly 50 years, SB Architects has created award-winning plans and designs for high-end hospitality destinations and communities. Most notably, their work is featured in some of the world’s most exclusive resort destinations.

Architecting the Architects

The challenge was to create an award-winning plan and design to evolve SB’s high-end brand, and to bring it all online. The work included brand repositioning, messaging, information architecture, and comprehensive website design and development.

When building a web experience for those that build high-end offline destinations, it’s important to create a dramatic sense of place. The SB site does this with technology, and a list of little details create the effect.

The site is best-in-breed Flash on the front-end, with a Java back-end. The entire website is fully elastic, and scales to user's browser dimensions. The navigation is also remarkably scalable and spatially efficient. Project tours are CMS-managed, and allow for scalability in content per project, as well as many relationships between projects and the categories that people may use to view such a portfolio. It enables password-protected personal portfolio tours (a FINE trademark you’ll find here on our own site). And the studio culture section provides an engaging library filled with imagery and slideshows to take you inside this impressive company.