Top down image of a table with spread of sandwiches, drinks and salads colored blue. Overlaid with white and yellow logo.


Launched in San Francisco and poised to circle the globe, Rocketbird is a new brand champion for the previously humble chicken sandwich. Rocketbird is branded whimsically, yet with serious attention to how it's crafted meticulously, cooked deliciously, packaged sustainably, ordered digitally, and delivered swiftly.

The Name of the Game

A fun new name says it all. It’s fast. It’s bold. It’s chicken. It lands in your hand in a flash, lights up your taste buds like a roman candle, and leaves you humming that old Elton John rocket song until next time you meet (it will feel like a long, long time).

Landing screen of delivery food app showing rocketbird head icon in pink on yellow circle
Pink illustration of blast with small food illustrations exploding outwards, and the words Chicken sandos to go
Primary rocketbird logo, orange type with blue glyphs on cream background
Top Image, White rocketbird head glyph on yellow background and below, rocketbird + flame glyph on orange background

Definitely Not a Samewich

Hand-drawn rocket fire, bird head, and playful typeface are the key elements of the endearingly quirky identity. The primary color palette defies old, expected red-yellow chicken signals. It’s a visual identity with the digital curb appeal to stand out from the long scroll of brands in your delivery app, then bring a smile to your door. And make you want to tack a t-shirt and ball cap onto your next order.

White background with orange and blue primary logo surrounded by custom food illustrations
Rocketbird delivery white delivery bag, with illustrations and colored stickers.
tissue paper with bold repeated type saying 'ROCKET-BIRD-FRESH-REAL-TASTY-FAST-SPICY'
Person posing against yellow wall wearing white rocketbird sandwich and blue rocketbird hat

A Packaging Player

Packaging delivers the whole package. While expressing the fun Rocketbird vibe, it's produced with quality, sustainable ingredients like recyclable materials and soy inks. Vibrant, varied colorways make each delivery an invitation to enthused social media sharing. As identity plays out, Rocketbird schwag shows the versatility to extend into staff uniforms.

Top: Sandwich and fries against pink wall with rocketbird tissue paper. Below:Yellow sandwich packaging with illustrations
White delivery paper bag with orange back and blue custom food illsutrations
Large blue box and small orange box with primary rocketbird logos, sitting on branded tissue paper against white background
Four cap designs with different colorways and logos

Rocketbird's Digital Liftoff

Online, hand-drawn illustrations animate to life on all your mobile and desktop browsers and devices, helping to guide you through the menu. On desktop, your cursor even becomes its own Rocketbird. Easy ordering and integrated social media feeds complete the digital circle.

Website homepage
vimeo placeholder
Website screenshot of mission statement
Website screenshot of side menu screen

Images That Draw You In

An eye-catching photography style helps Rocketbird standout from the sandwich crowd. Bold background colors and bright, illustrated packaging set the tone. First-person perspective helps connect you to the real possibility of Rocketbird in your near future. Especially those closeups with hands holding up a delicious sandwich as though you're pulling it out of the screen right into your sandwich-eating face. Maybe someday.

Photography guideline book showing which image styles to try and emulate
Close up of man holding sandwich while smiling
Spread from the photography guidelines showing color swatches and inspirational image moodboard
Person wearing pink rocketbird tshirt and yellow rocketbird hat
iphone screen showing Rocketbird instagram overview page

The new Rocketbird brand is the meat between the collaborative sandwich of Laura Lyons and Thomas Kelleher on one side, and the FINE team on the other.