Robert Mondavi Wines

Robert Mondavi Wines

Robert Mondavi’s passion and vision had a profound influence on American culture, and his name is a billion dollar brand. This digital destination marks the first instance where his vision of a populist wine and food culture, with the full family of Mondavi wine brands, has ever been presented in one consolidated public venue.

"Whatever you do, pour yourself into it." - Robert Mondavi

Constellation Brands' $1.2 Billion acquisition of the Robert Mondavi family of wine brands was a bold statement about the equity the Mondavi name had built while the family helped build Napa Valley and the American wine and food culture we know today.

Three Brand Tiers: One Brand Vision

A single digital environment houses three Mondavi brands: Robert Mondavi Winery, Private Selection, and Woodbridge. The intent is to infuse wine into occasions from the everyday to the once-in-a-lifetime, so that Americans could see wine in the same familial, celebratory light as Europeans. That intent is why Mondavi, along with 1 or 2 other famous wine and food pioneers, is most responsible for America's growing sophistication, and the exploding popularity of everything from organics to the Food Network.

Content: Created and Managed

All three brand tier content, and all associated site content, is managed through a centralized content delivery application that allows selective updating by brand owners. It's populated with copy and content curated and created by FINE, and (of course) peppered with Mondavi's best quotes and ideas.