Revana Family Vineyard

Website with CMS

Founded in 1997, Revana Family Vineyard quickly adopted a rich tradition and passion for the culture of winemaking. The result already includes some of the world’s most sought after Cabernet Sauvignon and a #4 world ranking in "Wine Spectator's" Top 100 Wines.

Positioning a Luxury Brand

The web and mobile destinations were tasked with representing the brand’s exceptional luxury appeal and the extremely limited availability you’d expect from a product of this quality.

A Visual Story

Beautiful, full-bleed images across the entire website highlight the intimate estate and lend an element of grandeur. Minimal content appears on each page to distract from images, but users can open content drawers to read more if they choose. Technology complements design in the construction of Ajax page transitions, as the entire site slides up and down smoothly as the story unfolds, and maintains its impact admirably across devices and browsers.

A Personal Approach

The story of the Revana brand (and sister-sites Alexana and Corazon Del Sol) is a personal, approachable story of founder Dr. Revana’s passion for winemaking. It’s meant to impart a shared sense of mystery and wonder for the craft, with a strong emphasis on imagery. From personal photos of Dr. Revana and winemaker Thomas Brown, to enticing shots of the location, the pictures tell that brand story throughout the website.

“FINE was able to take our tired, dated websites and completely transform them into modern, sophisticated, visually stunning works of art. The Revana site is elegant and appropriately reflects the caliber of the wine we create. It is warm, rich and utterly compelling. I was wowed and continue to be impressed by the creative force that is FINE.”