A Wine that Delivers on Its Promise to Bring out Your Red Side

Red Diamond is a Washington State winery with a global feel. Its hip, stylish brand positioning plays out in multiple ways that make it uniquely approachable.

Red diamond slide 01 Red diamond slide 02 Red diamond slide 03 Red diamond slide 04 Red diamond slide 05 Red diamond slide 06

The winery’s new website carries a relaxed, lounge aesthetic throughout. To emphasize this look and feel further, an iPad version took to the road on a lounge tour in which the site was the star of a “Reveal Your Red Side” sweepstakes that played out across the country.

These revelations remain on the wine website today, along with many more, as brand loyalists contribute their experiences with the wine, or just the things they think constitute their “red side” (at least the ones suitable for display). Against the shimmering nighttime backdrop and the revelatory discourse, the wine brand becomes a playful new form of social media in and of itself.