rebel's guild restaurant & bar logo

Rebel's Guild

Rebel’s Guild Restaurant & Bar in Boston is a playful conspiracy of witty pub fare and rebellious spirits, highlighting the city's revolutionary history with a hint of subterfuge. Encouraging guests to join the underground and expand their minds with fellow contrarians, it’s a safe haven for diverse points of view — an intellectual salon with a wink. Their brand is an invitation to conspire, quench, and consume.

A Contemporary Salon with An Edge

Interiors pay homage to the revolutionary spirit in a contemporary setting, where provocative masonic influences play alongside colonial details. Brand strategy — from naming, positioning, and messaging, through to identity, collateral, and menus — evokes a secret society vibe with a sleek, yet somehow gritty edge. It's an unexpected story, with an undertone of dissent, topped with a sense of humor.

Not-so-secret Identity

The brand identity adopts a historic, counter-culture style, with diverse versions looking both torn from a newspaper headline and stamped as a seal of loyalty. The core mark is rooted in history, but re-fashioned with a contemporary feel. In short form, it’s delivered as a secret code, a monogram that, to the initiated, is a mark of solidarity.

Dining in Disobedience

Collateral and custom copy take a stand, ignite a sense of secrecy, and encourage camaraderie. The voice hints at membership exclusivity by tempting others to explore its depths, perhaps requiring decryption. Imagery of famous freethinkers from Boston’s history, who challenged the status quo and landed themselves right below newspaper mastheads, ensure the brand never takes itself too seriously.

Fidelity's in the Details

The brand's gestural type makes co-conspirators out of everyone. Staff uniforms incorporate unique leather accents and arm bands to demonstrate an allegiance to the cause. Color is minimally distributed among collateral and menus to create contrast, picking up on substrate grain and unfinished mediums.

Rouse Your Spirits

Layering saturated tones with muted finishes balances modern with classic, and signs of slight deterioration enhance the notion of Rebel’s Guild as a well-beloved destination. The brand begins and ends with an unexpected story — the details of a playful conspiracy unfold, "insider information" is revealed, and all delivers on brand intention: to rouse your spirits.